GFA ELECTIONS :Interest Over Core Mandate

The Grand election of the Ghana Football Association is yet to come to life on the 25th October ,2019 .

The Football fraternity have been in limbo right after the famous documentary dubbed #12 released by Anas Arimeyaw Anas on June 6th 2018.

The expose brought the stop to all football related activities until the Normalization Committee came into existence .

Prior to the election ,numerous of people have showed interest in the highest office of the Football Association .

However ,Sports Journalist in Ghana are suppose to be neutral in the whole process in electing the new president and also other positions .

Sports Journalists are the rightful people to scrutinize the policy documents of the various candidates for the education of the public and must be objective but its different in this case.

Most of the people in the profession have switched to sides and worn a particular uniform so far as the GFA elections is concern .

This kind of approach by Sports Journalist might not do good to the football terrain and the General public , the question is how do we measure your criticisms when it happens that your supported candidate didn’t win and you criticising a different person ?

How will you position yourself if your preferred Candidate wins , how are you going to be effectively objective ?

This method has been used in the previous administration which made us see two sides of sports journalism in Ghana due to choosing of sides whiles sports journalists are suppose to be neutral especially going into a general elections .

The former regime created a serious chasm and circles among journalists and a little criticism outside those circles was met with “hungry filled” opposition from the “constructed” circles.

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