Ghana Powerlifting Federation Calls for Government’s Support

President of the Ghana Power Lifting Federation, Mr Godwill Agyemang is calling on government for increased support for the growth of the sport.

Ghana’s Juliana Arko won four gold medals at the recent Commonwealth Powerlifting Championship in Canada,Newfoundland but went through hustles to achieve that feat.

Prior to explaining to Toronto Canada for the competition, the President had to comb his personal coffers and as well rely some individuals to acquire supplements and other logistics to facilitate the athletes preparation.

The PowerLifting Federation is in dire straits now and Mr. Godwin Agyemang wants the government to come to their aid.

“Our major challenge now is finance and we are calling on the government for support.”

“Powerlifters need a lot of things to train and that comes with money.”

“We needed to buy tickets to travel for our for competition.”

“There are a lot of good talents in the country and with the necessary push, we will be able to win laurels for Ghana.” Mr. Godwin Agyemang said.

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