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The Downfall of Kwesi Nyantakyi: The Next GFA President Must be Wary of the “House-Niggers”

Source:Adamu Muftawu


The success of every “man” who ascends a leadership throne is largely dependent on the people he surrounds himself with.

Every leader, no matter how powerful, intelligent, smart, weak or wicked he is, will in one way or the other find himself encircled by “boot-lickers,hangers-on or sycophants.”

It however rests on the that leader to spot and stink out such bad nuts as they are injurious to a successful rule.

Such “house niggers” come to the leader with sugarcoated words to make him(the leader) feel infallible and and “loved by all”.

However Luke 6:26 of the New King James Version says “ Woe to you when everyone speaks well of you,for that is how their forefathers treated the false prophets.”

A listening leader hardly skids off the right route but the quality of what he is listening to is very crucial to the road he is traversing.

The case of the Ghanaian leader is such that, he sees those who constructively criticize him as enemies and the “hangers-on” help in blinding the leader by painting to him an evil picture about the supposed “enemies”

The leader forgets that there is no free lunch as those who come with the supposed “good-news” have their “stomachs” as the first point of call.

The “house-nigger” comes in like a dog with a wagging tail salivating for bones.

The very moment that dog pounces on the bone, it’s sprints off forgetting who gave it the bone.

The “hangers-on” are always around when the bees produce honey but will vanish with the speed of light when the bees begin to die.

The “hangers-on” of our time are spread like locusts in the media circles prowling on who to destroy to the leader.

The next GFA President must take a cue from the ousted ex-GFA President,Kwesi Nyantakyi.

It was all rosy from 2005 until he was yanked off his seat by whether a “planned” or “genuine” coup D’etat in the Anas Exposé which begun on June 6,2018.

Whether or not his closest associates were part of the “elimination festival “ was seen in how some journalists, football administrators, politicians, businessmen and even ordinary Ghanaians jubilated at his exit.

Where were the “hangers-on”?. They had deserted leaving Mr. Nyantakyi to bear the crucifixion cross alone.

The next GFA capo must be wary of the “hangers-on” by sifting their “stomach directed” advice.

He should not bask in the lies of the “boot-licker” who makes the world seem blissful to him.

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