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VIDEO: Ghana coach Kwesi Appiah’s investment advice to current players

Ghana coach Kwesi Appiah has asked the current crop players to invest in schemes and investments to have a secured future.

Appiah fears the current generation of players might end up ex-stars who ended their careers bankrupt.

”The young ones should learn. Recently I gathered the players and I was advising them. Now you [players] maybe having millions or they sign you millions in Europe but you should ask yourself the next 10 years when you cannot play, what are you going to do? And they were all seated,” Appiah told Ghanaweb.

”It’s important to try to invest now because while you invest now and you stop football, you won’t be facing the issue or the problems that the older are facing.”

Appiah’s foundation is committed to the welfare former footballers some of whom did not end much.

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